Rare Disease Challenge is a contest put on by Assay Depot and Rare Genomics Institute to win $10,000 cash and a total of $400,000 in in-kind donated services from biotech companies.  The idea is that a non-profit group of advocates (that’s us) team with a group of researchers (that’s you) to put together a one-page proposal for each prize we want to compete for.  So: a one-pager on what we’d do with the $10,000, another one-pager on what we’d do with each donated service that we could use.  The application process is quite simple—it’s just these short proposals, the principal investigator’s CV and some contact info.  Once applications are submitted (the deadline is Dec 15) there will be a round of Facebook voting to decide the winner.  Here at Prion Alliance we would love to use this as a chance to further our research goals, and we’re happy to do most of the work putting together the proposal and mobilizing our supporters for the voting– we just need a research partner.  If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.