Over the past year we’ve heard from several people who wanted to support Prion Alliance in the form of a logo emblazoned on their clothing or accessories. Your moment has arrived. We’ve now opened our virtual Prion Alliance store on Zazzle. You can choose from 15 different items with our new logo and either CureFFI.org or PrionAlliance.org, and each item can be customized into your size and color of choice. Zazzle donates 20% of the proceeds back to us, so you’ll be making a donation towards our efforts to develop a therapeutic for prion disease, in addition to raising awareness. Once your swag arrives, post a photo to our Facebook page!

We owe a huge thanks to two people: my sister Michelle Minikel, and our friend Matteo Manca. Michelle conceived the idea and did all the work of setting up the store, and has already completed — and won — a speed-walking half-marathon while wearing one of the PrionAlliance.org shirts. Matteo, a post-doc who taught us the prion detection assay called RT-QuIC last summer, turns out to be an awesome prion scientist by day and a genius graphic designer by night: he made our new logo, which you may already have seen on the front page of CureFFI.org:

So have a look at the store, and we’ll hope to see you soon on Facebook. Cheers!